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Samsung’s free TV service is now available online.

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If you own a Samsung phone or TV, you can use Smart TV Plus, a free streaming TV service. Samsung claims that this free service has over 160 channels, albeit many of them are tiny channels like People TV and Crime 360. Aside from that, users who appreciate the content can now access it using a desktop browser.

Samsung’s TV Plus service has been available for a while, yet a surprising amount of Samsung device owners are unaware of it. If you have a Samsung flagship phone, you should access the video service by swiping right on the screen, which offers both live and linear programming.

You may now view the service using a web browser using the website, as first spotted by Protocol. There is no requirement to register, just like there isn’t one for the TV app or the smartphone app. Users are greeted with a cable-style channel guide that includes live material and tabs for category categorization.

Though it won’t compete with subscription services like Sling TV or Philo, The service is helpful for news watchers from time to time or want to watch TV without paying. Popular shows such as Deal or No Deal, PBS Kids, Unsolved Mysteries, Tiny House Hunting, Kitchen Nightmares, and others are available on the site.

Samsung’s offering joins other similar platforms such as Pluto TV, which has a larger selection of programming thanks to its Viacom affiliation, as well as The Roku Channel, Tubi, and XUMO. There are other music stations and some Spanish-language programming on the service. Chromecast functionality has also been added to the mobile app.

Online TV stations are available for free.

Free Online TV is a piece of free software that allows you to watch live television via the Internet. It provides access to more than 500 FreeTV channels. As a result, you may watch free TV online anywhere and whenever you want – at home, on the road, or vacation. Watch TV shows, sports networks, news, and movies, among other things. You may even hook up your computer to your television and watch TV online on a big screen. Free Online TV requires only an Internet connection.

This program is the best satellite or cable replacement. There are no restrictions, such as mandatory sign-ups or costly subscriptions. Free Online TV also allows you to update your channel list for free. The software is simple to set up.

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