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Online TV Shows For Free

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Thanks to the internet, it is no longer essential to own a television set or subscribe to a cable package to enjoy television shows. There are several places to watch free TV series online in 2021.

But not all are legal. However, some websites encourage the installation of malicious browser extensions. That’s why I’ve produced a list of the best sites to watch TV shows for free.

Sites to Watch Free TV Shows in 2021

1. Tubi

2. Popcornflix

3. Crackle

4. Hotstar

5. Retrovision

6. Internet Archive

7. Yidio

8. CW TV

9. CW Seed

10. Pluto Tv

You can watch episodes of this online TV show without having to register. On the other hand, Tubi allows you to construct a favorite watch list and continue viewing across several devices if you so like. It offers a straightforward UI with well-defined categories such as TV Dramas, TV Comedies, Reality TV, and Crime TV.

Although Tubi’s movie collection is larger than its TV series collection, they are well worth watching. The high-quality streaming enhances your viewing experience while allowing you to swap between devices.

Why should you use Tubi?

  • A good selection of free TV shows is available.
  • Apps for Android and iOS are available for free.
  • The interface that is simple to use


Popcornflix is a free TV streaming service for 2021 that allows you to watch free TV series legally. The best part is you can watch TV episodes for free without having to register. Just remember to turn off your adblocker, or The stream will be halted.

Popcornflix has a wide range of original material. Including action, comedy, drama, horror, sci-fi, and more, totaling around 100 TV shows. The nicest feature is that you can watch them on multiple devices.

Its legendary games, such as The Adventures of Super Mario 3 Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Legend of Zelda, and others, are a must-see for 90’s kids looking for some childhood nostalgia. There’s also a “Staff Picks” area, which features a compilation of the highest-rated TV shows and films — a must-see for everyone.


In 2021, Crackle will be a video entertainment platform that will allow you to view TV series for free. Because Sony owns this website, you may be certain of its quality and dependability. It features many popular television shows such as Seinfeld, Firefly, The Shield, and even anime. The content is well-organized, and there is a search function to aid your exploration.

You may watch as many TV series as you like, and the greatest thing is that Stream TV episodes on Android and iOS with Crackle. Episodes can also be streamed on different platforms, such as Android TV or smart TVs. While the videos aren’t entirely ad-free, they are completely legal to view.

Note: Crackle is available in 18 Latin American countries. If you are not in these areas, I strongly advise you to use a VPN to access this website.

Why should you watch TV series on Crackle?

  • There are around 40-50 TV series and about 150 full-length movies.
  • Stream videos to several devices at the same time.
  • Apps for mobile devices are available for free.
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