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How To Get Rid Of Cable & Watch Free TV Online!

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Did you know that you can view most of the same channels on your computer or mobile device that you do on a cable box or satellite TV?

Is It Time To Ditch The Cable And Watch TV On The Internet?
Have you considered canceling your cable subscription?

You’re overpaying for cable or satellite TV if you’re paying $90 or more each month.

You don’t need a cable box or a dish receiver to access a multitude of TV and movie programming available online.

Netflix, Hulu, Roku, YouTube Movies, Apple TV, Google Movies, and Amazon Prime Videos (or Fire Stick) are excellent services that don’t cost a fortune. They aren’t, however, free.

It’s also difficult to determine which sites to trust for free movies and TV shows. (Trust me, there’s as much garbage as there is good material available for free online!)

Don’t buy one of those bundles that “allows you to watch satellite TV on your PC.” Almost every one of them is a rip-off, and you can download similar apps for free! Yes, that’s right, for free, and I’ll show you how to do it.

Here are 11 methods to watch movies online for free (and TV shows, too). You only need a PC, a smart TV, or an iOS or Android device to get started.

But first, here are three things to remember:

  • For this to work effectively, you’ll need high-speed Internet. DSL might work in some cases, but it’s unlikely to perform all of the time.
  • Because certain websites and apps use them to stream movies and TV episodes, you may need to update your version of Windows Media Player, Real Player, or Quicktime on your device. These programs are already installed on the majority of our devices. (They’re also all free.)
  • Because they carry advertisements, the majority of these streaming sites are free. As a result, your presentation may be interrupted by random advertisements a few times (similar to TV commercials).

The Best Free Movie Streaming Sites

So, where can you go online to watch cable and satellite channels, as well as other TV series and movies?

Here’s my list of the greatest free online movie and TV show streaming services:

  • IMDb TV, the well-known movie database site, also includes a free streaming channel featuring many popular films in their database. They also have their own IMDb original video series that they develop and show.
  • More than 180 TV stations are available live and on-demand with Xumo, with new channels, added every week.
  • Depending on your viewing device, their channel list changes.

Inner-Live has all of the major network channels (ABC, CBS, and NBC), as well as several excellent sports networks (ESPN, MLB, and NBA), as well as Showtime, AMC, CNN, Discovery (including Discovery Kids), and Cartoon Network.

The fact that they have a chat room running simultaneously as the channel is a unique feature (that you’ll either love or detest).

Inner-Live is worth a look because they feature various stations that you won’t find on other live streaming television websites.

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